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From Port-au-Prince, March 6 and 7 of 2009

Last Friday and yesterday we had the first seminars presented by the newly created ecological movement Ayiti Reyalite Vèt (“Green Reality of Haiti”). About 25 local leaders came to participate and create a chain of environmental consciousness to take proper care of the resources in the country.

The speakers displayed alarming information on the historical degradation and current environmental status of Haiti. Naturally, the data exposed fomented a dialogue on fundamental ecological concepts and their urgent importance for the sustainability and progress of the country. Topics such as Bio-economy, Inner and Outer Ecology, Mental Pollution and Strategies for Environmental Health were exhibited by the Ayiti Reyalite Vèt team. Practical examples on technologies which are in harmony with natural cycles of life were portrayed through videos and photographs from successful environmental projects in other countries, which in a few cases are currently being developed also in Haiti.

The seminar was incremented with various musical performances: from instrumental guitar improv to elevating songs in English and Kreyòl, touching issues such as the love and care for all beings and resources in this planet and the human fight for all-round liberation.

The participants requested for many more seminars to unfold much further the briefed topics. The Ayiti Reyalite Vèt team thus proposed the strategy for launching a cooperative ecological movement which includes training environmental agents to propagate ecological concepts and practices in schools and the development of practical and sustainable projects which break with vicious cycles of resources waste, pollution and socio-economico-environmental degradation.